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Building Sustainable Futures with Classroom of Hope with Tanya Armstrong

January 16, 20242 min read

In this episode of The Bucket List Life, host Trav sits down with Tanya Armstrong, the CEO of Classroom of Hope, who is currently living in Bali, Indonesia. Tanya's journey from Melbourne to Bali was not part of her original plan, but circumstances led her to take on the role of CEO and advocate for mental health and education. The conversation touches on Tanya's personal experiences, her passion for helping others, and her involvement with Classroom of Hope, an organisation focused on building sustainable schools in Indonesia using recycled plastic.

Who is Tanya Armstrong?

Over 15 years of executive leadership in social housing and homelessness services NGOs in Australia.

Proven track record collaborating with CEOs and Boards to develop and implement strategic and operational plans.

Known for delivering high-quality outcomes that benefit disadvantaged communities.

Extensive history of involvement in purposeful work, reflecting a commitment to social impact.

Strong advocate for equal access to housing and education for all.

Joined Classroom of Hope as International Program Director, demonstrating a swift and impactful contribution.

Elevated to the leadership role within six months due to her natural fit for the position.

Outside of work, passionate about environmental sustainability and actively reducing plastic use.

Enjoys spending spare time with her children in their new home in Bali.

Finds solace in nature, often seen gardening or at the beach during downtime.

Listen to the episode here:


You will learn:

  1. The inspiring story of how Classroom of Hope was founded and its mission to provide quality education in an environmentally sustainable way.

  2. The innovative use of recycled plastic building blocks in constructing schools and the positive impact on the environment and local communities.

  3. Tanya's personal experiences and challenges, including overcoming grief and the importance of mental health awareness and support.

  4. Insights into living and working in Bali, as well as Tanya's top reverse bucket list items and her future aspirations.

  5. How you can support Classroom of Hope and get involved in fundraising events to contribute to educational initiatives in Indonesia.

Don't miss this engaging and insightful conversation with Tanya Armstrong, as she shares her personal journey, her dedication to making a difference, and her involvement in creating a brighter future for children through education and sustainability.

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