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Unlocking the Secrets of Biohacking and Longevity with Brett Harmeling

January 31, 20242 min read

In this episode of The Bucket List Life, guest Brett Harmeling shares his insights on biohacking, longevity, and personal development. Together, they explore Brett's mission to help 1,000,000 people live to 100 years old and the various tools and practices he utilises to optimise health and vitality. Join the conversation as they discuss the importance of connecting with others, embracing individuality, and the impact of influential figures in their lives.

Who is Brett Harmeling?

Brett Harmeling is a dynamic force of optimism, embracing a future ripe with potential and collective progress. A serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and AI technology investor, Brett's diverse interests also span real estate and biohacking.

Beyond his business endeavours, Brett is a master-certified yoga instructor and captivating keynote speaker. He guides individuals to unlock their full potential through energy optimisation, mindset mastery, movement, and biohacking techniques.

At his core, Brett seeks to ignite inspiration, urging others to pursue what inspires them. He champions a movement that empowers individuals to discover their purpose and catalyse positive change worldwide.

With a wealth of experience, Brett shares insights into effective leadership and organisational strategies, fostering meaningful connections and driving a vision of empowerment.

Brett Harmeling embodies the transformative power of passion and purpose, inspiring others to embrace optimism and shape a brighter future.

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You will learn:

  1. Insights into the rising popularity of biohacking and the importance of understanding one's own biology.

  2. Recommendations for health optimisation, including structured water intake and products designed to protect against EMFs

  3. Details about Happy Life Labs, a hub for verified biohacking brands, products, and services

  4. Brett Harmeling's involvement in the development of a private airline, democratising access to efficient and sustainable travel

  5. Aerial Recovery's mission and humanitarian efforts in disaster relief and anti-human trafficking, championed by Brett and his team

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