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9 Ways A Bucket List Program Enhances Employee Engagement

April 22, 20242 min read

When I started running Bucket List program some 13 years ago (at the time of writing this), I knew the programs would create "stick", but I never knew how much true impact it would really make.

These 9 ways are dependent on employer buy-in, cross-department deployment and (of course) employee involvement. A Bucket List program can be truly transformative if leadership and the team really go for it.

Here are the 9 benefits:

1. Goal Setting Culture:
Instills a culture of goal-setting within the organization as employees are encouraged to create and pursue their bucket lists.

2. Community Building:
Facilitates bonding and camaraderie among employees as they share their Bucket Lists, fostering deeper relationships beyond work tasks.

3. Incentivizes Achievement:
Incorporates Bucket List achievements into reward systems, recognizing and rewarding employees for personal growth and accomplishments.

4. Supports Work-Life Balance:
Demonstrates the company's commitment to work-life balance by encouraging employees to pursue personal goals outside of work, leading to greater job satisfaction.

5. Retention Boost:
Contributes to higher employee retention rates by creating a positive and fulfilling work environment where personal growth is supported.

6. Creativity & Innovation:
Encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills as employees pursue their passions and unique Bucket List items, sparking innovation within the organization.

7. Well-Being Enhancement:
Promotes overall well-being and happiness among employees by supporting them in pursuing meaningful activities outside of work.

8. Motivation Amplification:
Boosts motivation and engagement levels as employees feel supported in their personal growth and development.

9. Culture of Fulfillment:
Cultivates a culture of fulfillment and satisfaction where employees feel valued not only for their contributions at work but also for their personal aspirations and achievements.

Employee engagement is a buzzword for all the wrong reasons right now. Deploying a Bucket List program will have it be a buzzword for all the right reasons if you let it

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