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7 Steps To Becoming A Motivational Speaker

November 28, 20233 min read

After years of being one myself, I've had a lot of audience members and clients ask me "How can I do what you do Trav?" Of course, being a Coach too, I can't help myself. I have to help them where I can.

Becoming a motivational speaker involves developing the skills and expertise needed to inspire and empower audiences. Here are some steps you can take to become a motivational speaker:

  1. Identify Your Niche: Determine what area you would like to specialize in, such as personal development, business, or health and wellness. You would have heard, "Go an inch wide & a mile deep. Rather than an inch deep & a mile wide."

  2. Develop Your Speaking Skills: Attend speaking workshops, join a public speaking club like Toastmasters, and practice speaking in front of others. Here are some quick speaker hacks...1) Go live on social media every day. You'll soon become a better speaker, 2) Put your hand up to MC weddings, and birthdays, give speeches, and 3) Lean to tell stories & jokes in public. In front of friends, family & strangers. 

  3. Build Your Expertise: Read books, attend conferences, and take courses to develop your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. For me, professional speaking is my art form. I've got an insatiable curiosity. I love learning. I'm a lifelong learner.  I learn to refine my art form so I can help even more people when I do my thing. 

  4. Create A Brand: Develop a personal brand that reflects your values and message. This can include a website, social media accounts, and marketing materials. I thought long and hard about this when I created 'The Bucket List Guy' brand. I suggest you do too because you've go to rise above the noise and that noise is getting louder and louder each day. 

  5. Network: Attend industry events and network with other speakers, event planners, and professionals in your field. Here's one for you, "If no one knows you then no one knows you."

  6. Get Experience: Offer to speak at local events, conferences, and seminars to gain experience and build your portfolio. I've always said, "The best way to speak is to speak!"

  7. Market Yourself: Use your website, social media, and other marketing channels to promote your speaking services and attract potential clients. I heard an amazing piece of advice years ago from the great Winston Marsh...a guru in the speaking world here in Australia. He said, "You've got to be a better marketer of what you do than a doer of what you do." 

Remember, becoming a motivational speaker takes time, dedication, and hard work. But if you are passionate about helping others and have a powerful message to share, you can build a successful career as a motivational speaker.

Oh, by the way, I can help you with the above & help you become a motivational speaker. Don't let that message die with you. It's your job to pay your lessons forward. I've been coaching people get their message out for about 6 years now. Let's chat because I want to hear about yours and your plans. 

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