Trav's 2024 SPEAKER REEL





What Benefits Will Trav's Signature Keynote No.1 Bring?

This is my signature Keynote. It's probably the reason why you're on my site right now.

In this Keynote you'll learn about:

  • Why traditional Bucket Lists are BS!

  • The Life Grid™ & how it really wakes people up

  • How to create a Reverse Bucket List

  • The M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint™

  • How these principles are an antidote to mental health

The audience will leave with:

  • A completely new way of looking at their life

  • An overwhelming sense of purpose & meaning

  • A renewed sense of fulfillment & gratitude

  • A personalized & actionable Bucket List Life Plan™

  • Increased engagement through a tangible 'WHY'

  • A framework that they can use with their team & family

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What Benefits Will Trav's Signature Keynote No.2 Bring?

This Keynote normally follows my Build Your Bucket List Keynote. With that said, I can do a combo of the 2 if there's enough time. In the 1st one, I give you the framework. In the 2nd, we take action!

In this Keynote, you'll:

  • Do a quick recap of Keynote 1

  • Share the lists you've built

  • Reverse engineer your personal Life Plan

  • Establish Bucket List Buddies

  • Take massive ACTION in the room!

The audience will leave with:

  • A sense that anything is truly possible

  • A formula for overcoming initial inertia

  • An actioned Bucket List that is in motion

  • An ecosystem of support & accountability

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How Do Trav's Talks Affect Company Culture?

A Bucket List is a tangible Life Plan where your Business Plan or Career Plan should fit into your Life Plan.  

My talks reinforce the Work-To-Live principle. It will inspire your team to come to work with real purpose & meaning. This dramatically affects your team culture by increasing personal engagement.  

Our goal here is to create a 'Bucket List Business' Employer of Choice. A place that is a cool place to work. One that is supportive of its employee's goals in life.

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Does Trav Do Virtual Presentations Too?

Trav has been doing virtual presentations long before the COVID pandemic. So, when it hit, Trav was already prepared.

Clients opted for the virtual option & in fact, Trav become busier than he's ever been because of his topic. 

Then & now, clients cited employee engagement, mental health & happiness as the reasons they employed Trav's services.

As global audiences can attest, Trav's live presentations are hugely impactful & his virtual Keynotes are equally as impactful. 

In the hybrid world that we now live, just know that Trav is ready to adapt & bring his best. 

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Are Trav's Talks Customizable?

Sure are! In fact, every talk that Trav does is tweaked to suit the audience, industry, company outcomes & conference theme. 

This is why Trav likes to have an in-depth Zoom call before any booking. He wants to ensure a perfect message-to-market match so that the audience has a truly memorable experience. 

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Can We Include Trav's Book Too?

Yes, of course. There are 2 ways to include Trav's best-selling MYBUCKETLIST Blueprint book...which is the perfect companion to any talk that Trav gives. 

Given enough time, you can pre-order a book for each audience member to place on tables, seats, or conference show bags. We'll work out a bulk discount price for you & have them shipped to the conference venue ready for Trav's presentation. 

An alternative is for each delegate to buy a book at the end of Trav's presentation. Trav's team will be on hand to manage this process & Trav will be there to sign their books & do 'selfies' at the end too. 

We've found that most want to leave with a book. In fact, many like to get more than one copy. They want to take it home & workshop it with their family which Trav clearly encourages. 

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Can We Zoom Call Before We Make A Decision?

YES 100%! In fact, we'd recommend it. The link to book a time with Trav is below. 

It's one thing getting a referral from someone who has seen Trav speak or looking at this website. But it's another when we get the chance to speak.

Trav likes to find out conference themes, what you're aiming to achieve at your conference & what you'd like your delegates to leave doing as a result.

If it's a public event where people will be purchasing tickets & your job is to fill the room then jump on a call & work with Trav. He's had a lot of experience with this. How can Trav help?

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